Valenzuela – a jumpoff point for urban anglers

I have been living in Valenzuela since 1986. Admittedly, it’s not a first class municipality like Makati yet. It doesn’t have high rise buildings, flyovers nor an MRT system.

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The move has begun…

Hi Dear Readers,

Sorry for the long delay and my unwelcome hiatus at writing in this blog. I have been busy lately…actually, extra busy since a lot of things have been going on. Finally, I had the chance to move the blog to its new domain, our very own Thanks to JL for hosting this new home.

Be forwarned that I am going to make it a “work and progress” expect it to be the ugliest, most basic website..for now. Aesthetics would have to give way to content.

See you there!

For Sale: 3 Japan Reels for 1500 only

Looking for a good buy but tight on a budget?

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I am moving this blog to it’s own domain:! Please bear with me as I rearrange the contents and add new ones.

I hope that you keep on visiting and stay with me as we work hand in hand with other organizations in promoting fishing in Valenzuela!

lets move as one

It was a Cold and Windy Cookout

Windy and cold day yesterday but the group still pushed through with the mini tourney and cookout. Although there were several “indyans” in the sign up sheet (raise your hands gentlemen ), we still shared good company.

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Hero or zero? Bites have been slow at Kaps

We went to Coloong last Saturday. First, we went to Aling Nenes to try the barra pond. However, since the wind was blowing really hard, Jaime and I struggled in paddling the boat with just one oar.

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Whew! 2 more barras in the bag, 3 missed

Posted by Apostle on Wed Dec 24, 2008 7:45 pm at

2.5 Kg

2 Kg

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Bites are slow at Kap Larry’s but some still get lucky

The bite has reportedly slowed down at Kap Larry’s, apparently since they have recently harvested the ponds. I think its a bit of a bad news for anglers who want to catch fish for New Year. The fishes that they could have caught have already been conveniently harvested and are ready for selling..hehehe. Not that exciting as catching your own in my opinion.

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