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  1. Greetings to you.
    I was told by Aling Nene that her pond was in the internet. I thought I’d take a look. I have been a patron of Aling Nene for so many years now even before her house was re-built and I think it was very nice of you to have her place published in the web.
    I was looking at the pictures at Aling Nene’s pond that you published. If you don’t mind I would like to help out by improving more on the clarity of the pictures so everybody can appreciate it more. No need to sent it to me. I can just download it via internet and send it you vie e-mail if it’s ok with you.
    You can email me for your reply.

  2. Hi Rading,

    Thanks for visiting my humble blog. Its my first internet page and I am learning along the way. I do agree that the pics need to be improved. I just took them with a point and shoot the last time I went there. Hehe. Didnt catch any barramundi but was able to chat with Aling Nene.

    Its a good thing she knows her pond is on the internet already, I haven’t mentioned this to her but told her that I will be posting in our forum. Send my regards to her (my name is Bien) and please feel free to polish up the pics. I appreciate your help bro! Hope to meet you soon.

    Bien Peñaranda

  3. Hi Rading,

    I have downloaded all the files and now reposting them in photobucket. Thanks so much for your initiative to polish up the pics. They look so much better now!
    I look forward to fishing with you at Aling Nenes soon bro. If you have time, please feel free to create an account at Its my home forum where I virtually learned most of my fishing. The group supported me when I proposed holding a fishing tourney in Coloong and Tagalag. They would be glad to meet you too. Tight lines!


  4. Can a non member join your tournament?
    When will you be holding the next tournament?
    How much is the damage?

  5. Hi Dennis,

    Are you pertaining to the Mayor WIn Gatchalian Tournament? It is open to everybody. In fact, members of the opted to not join the tourney as most of us were serving as marshals. Visit the forum or this blog from time to time to get updates.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Hi Bien,

    I was told by Aling Nene that their cat most probably has ran away from home by hiding
    inside the hood of one of the cars driven by an angler. She is not certain which car but
    she suspects it’s the one that belongs to the Boss of a guy called ‘camote’. As she has
    no way of getting in touch with him, she thought you might be able to assist.

    At a very young age, this cat answers to the name ERIC, is grayish-brown in color and
    as of late has developed a habit of checking car engines. He could have developed
    ‘special skills’ in auto mechanics, thus he is very precious to Aling Nene’s grandchildren.

    She is very concerned about Eric and she’d appreciate very much any assistance you
    can give for Eric’s safe return.

  7. Hi CT,
    I am reposting your message to the filipino anglers forum. Camote is a member there. I am also texting him about your concern. Hope we can find eric the cat soon.

  8. Hi CT,

    Thank you maintaing this site. My wife and I are fond of fishing (we really can’t call ourselves anglers yet he he) but cannot find the time to go to Caliraya. Good thing I chanced upon your site and we were able to vist Kap’s and Aling Nene’s last Christmas vacation. We went there for 3 days and landed only 1 tilapia, 4 biyas and 2 bangusitos (turns out bawal pala since nursery pala siya he he). At any rate, we enjoyed ourselves including the pang-aasar we got when we bought bangus from Kap. We will probably have to hone our skills not too mention patience to land the bigger fishdas :-).

    Since it is near where we live, we will definitely find time to fish on weekends.

    btw, I noticed something eel like sticking its head out in Kap’s. Is this something you can aim for and if ever, what would be the bait?



  9. Hi Bien,

    Like Allan who wrote to you above, i am also one of those who should say thank you to you for taking time out from your busy schedule to write about and promote fishing in Valenzuela. Can i point out to Allan, though, that he’s given credit to me instead of to ‘BIEN’. Much as i would like to, i, obviously, can’t claim for any credit as i am only one of those who enjoy reading this website.

    Cheers to Bien and Allan.

    ct -signed in lower case to make it less prominent 🙂

  10. Hi ct,

    Good day. Thank you for pointing this out. To correct my previous post, thank you very much Bien. My wife and I are learning a lot of things about fishing from this site. This site is a good companion for coffee in the mornings 🙂


  11. HI Allan, ct,

    Im glad you have enjoyed reading this blog and you had the chance to visit Kaps place and Aling Nene’s. I hope you don’t get dismayed with the slow bite. It could be the cold and windy weather that has caused it. I myself have been to both ponds for the past 2 weekends targetting barramundi.. and guess what, I got a big fat…zero!

    As for the eel like creature which seem like index fingers sticking out of the water, those are actually water snakes. They are not venomous and don’t grow too big. I have seen anglers accidentally snagging them in the body. Unfortunately, since its a snake, they usually kill it. Its harmless IMHO. You can take them home, they are free. They are accidental catches but I guess if you really want to catch one, you can snag them using the “salvage” technique used for catching imelda fish. Rig several sharp treble hooks in series and a sinker at the end, cast to where the snakes are showing up and then retrieve fast.

    See you around!

  12. Hello Bien,

    Not at all. We’ve seen worse days even biyas are not biting. It is probably the skill/luck/patience or combined lack of these since when we were in Aling Nene’s, anglers on our left and right are landing big ones. For instance, the gentleman on our left got a big bangus while the father-and-son tandem on our right got a **very** big tilapia. As they do say… better luck next time….



  13. Hi, I would love to go fishing in the philippines, i have fished all over Australia and have cought alot of different fish but now i am in the phils and miss going fishing do you have any idea how i can start fishing here, were i can buy some tackle and if you now any hot spots to start with


  14. sorry i forgot to tell you i live in makati,

  15. i live in makati, if you know any good tackle shops with good quality fishing gear at good prices


  16. Hi Fabio,

    Thanks for visiting the blog. For me, 3 major tackleshops in Manila have considerable stocks. In no particular order: Alex Tackle, China Merchandising and Fishing Buddy. Please read For more info on fishing, visit the local forum:

  17. hello,

    it is summer na and i wonder what bait is bst for bangus i tried alot of combo but all failed please help

  18. i would like go to your place to fish. how much is the entrance fee, what other fees should i pay. how much i should pay for my it per kilo or by hour of stay. please reply because we are going there on wednesday, march 24. thank you very much.

  19. HI, gusto ko lang magbonding kami ng son ko pag uwi ko from Saudi na magfishing kami, baka may marecommend kayo na lugar. Amateur angler lang ako dito sa Saudi at gusto ko lang maranasan anak ko 12 years old na magfishing kami. Thanks.

  20. hi,bukas pa po ba kayo itong 2011 pra sa mag ffishing?

  21. hi sir gud pm.. i wnt to be part of your group.. how to join in filipino anglers? tnx.. more power..

  22. Hi, there! Been searching over the net for Valenzuela residents who blog about the city. May I ask if this blog is still active? And if you would like to keep in touch via FB? Do shoot me an e-mail via

    Hoping for your reply, ka-Valenzuelano.

    One Valenzuela

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