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This site is work in progress, slowly taking shape as articles are written during the author’s free time. Feel free to drop me a line. Suggestions, comments and questions are most welcome.

13 Responses

  1. I want to catch more of this in Coloong:

  2. I left a message in your share bin hoping i could share some photos but i couldn’t find my way to doing that. Please help. Thanks for this site.

  3. Hi Ctjasa,

    I replied to that on the share bin. Thanks for visiting the site. Looking forward to your shared photos!

  4. can the wires at aling nene’s pond be raised

  5. Hi Rolly,

    I will relay your suggestions to Aling Nene. Thanks for visiting the site.

  6. Hi Rolly,
    Below is the email response from Aling Nene:
    Hi Bien,
    Nabasa ko na sa suggestion box ang sabi ni Rolly sinabihan ko ang mga workers na iayos ang mga post at electric wires.Thank Rolly for his comment and suggestion !!
    God Bless

  7. I would like to thank aling Nene for granting my request/suggestion, She’s a sweet lady,.

  8. Hello Rolly,
    I have relayed your comment to Aling Nene.
    Best Regards and fish on!

  9. what is the nearest fishing pond from calookan city?

  10. Hi Jessie,
    The ponds in Coloong are basically close to each other. However, you would pass Coloong 1 first before Coloong 2. Just check the Where to Fish section for info on the ponds.

  11. aling neeeEEEE!
    kumusta lang po, hirap mag-fishing dito kailangan pa ng lisensya pero minsan nakakalusot. Bass ang huli dito kaya parang apahap ang tirada casting ka ng casting. may sinalihan ako hindi palakihan ng huli…. palayuan ng hagis HAHAHAHA

  12. gud pm sir sana po may mga pictures kyo n nka post sa mga followers nyo

  13. Hi guys!!! I really dying to visit young fishing place nyo. I’m on my way for vacation. Makikita sa YouTube young mga bagus na nahuhuli. I been fishing for long time but I never been catch any bangus. Mag Kano ang isda.

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